What's New
New & improved 🆕✨
  • Accounts:
    View a complete list of accounts, track their adoption over time, and target them more efficiently. Learn more about Accounts in the full post. 🎉 And now, within an individual Account Profile, change the header from Group ID to Company Name (or something else) by putting another field as the first column of the Account List, using this Column Manager icon:
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 2
  • Goals:
    More easily measure new user activation and key conversion behaviors with
    Goal Achieved
    activity appearing in the Events Explorer. View a list of users who achieved the Goal, track performance over time, and filter goal completions by segment or date. 🎉
  • Mobile Localization:
    Mobile customers using localization can now use AI to translate the copy in their experiences to other languages quickly.
  • Appcues <> HubSpot Integration:
    Our integration helps connect in-app messages with your HubSpot campaigns. We’ve recently added enhancements, including support for Company Records, Builder button event support, passing NPS to the Contact Record, and more. Read on to see the full list.
  • Flow history:
    View the history for a list of who published, unpublished, or pushed changes to a web Flow, and when the changes were made.
  • Integrations:
    Ever wanted to connect Appcues to your CRM or marketing automation tool? Find available integration options on our new page.
  • Launchpad:
    Within the settings of a Flow, the Launchpad section has been enlarged to make it easier to spot and configure Flows that show up in Launchpad. P.S. An improved, no-code version of Launchpad is in the works⎯sign up for early access.
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 2
  • Button Track Events:
    Analyze and automate follow-up for users who click buttons in your Flows, Pins, and Banners. For instance, add a button that says ‘Email me about this’ to your Flow, then automatically send an email or track the number of users who click the button when you send the button event to HubSpot, Amplitude, Heap, Google Analytics, FullStory and more. You can also create custom integrations using the Appcues Javascript API’s
    Note: For mobile Flows, you need to unpublish and republish the experience to send the event.
Coming soon 🚧👀
  • Launchpads:
    Soon, create in-app resource centers that include on-demand flows, links, and more⎯automatically targeted to specific users and the page of your product they're on. Sign up to get early access.
  • Survey Responses in Studio:
    Soon, survey responses will show up right where you want them⎯inside Appcues (without the export). Email Lindsey to join the beta group. 🚀
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Experiences:
    The Flows, Pins, and Banners list pages will load faster within the Appcues Studio.