⭐️ What's changed?
See a full list of your accounts, track their adoption and usage over time, and target them with experiences⎯all inside Appcues. 🎉 Take a two-minute tour for a quick look ->
💡What are Accounts?
Users are the individuals who engage with your app, and accounts represent the larger entities or organizations they belong to. Now, you can connect your CRM or other data sources with Appcues to track how these accounts interact over time, helping you customize your in-app experiences more deeply.
📌 Why Accounts?
We've always been hyper-fixated on helping you build experiences to grow user adoption. But to engage and retain customers you also need to understand and drive behavior at the company level.
🎯 What can I do with accounts?
Dive into a list of accounts and their individual profiles to:
  • Answer complex questions:
    Which accounts are active and engaged? Is their usage increasing? Who is the power user I should be reaching out to?
-> Get these answers and more with an aggregate view of adoption, including key metrics like Daily Active Users (DAU), stickiness, and usage trends over time.
  • Scale account interaction:
    See all company properties available for targeting and pick and choose from them to launch flows, checklists, and everything else.
-> Notify users about upcoming renewals, connect customers to their CSM, drive upsells based on plan type, and more.
🚀 Ready to dive in?
Accounts are live for all customers on all plans. To start using them, pass your company-level data to Appcues in two steps:
  1. Ensure you're sending group data to Appcues by associating individual users to the right group via the .group() call in the Appcues SDK (the same dev team member who installed Appcues for you can do this within a few minutes). 💫 
  2. Optional: Enrich individual Account Profiles with data from HubSpot or Salesforce.
Questions? Chat with our team or join our upcoming webinar.