Localize flows for native mobile apps! 🎉
⭐️ What is localization?
Onboard, educate, and support users in their native language with localization for mobile apps.
💡 What can I do with localization?
Easily translate your flows into multiple languages while preserving a personalized touch for each user, ensuring your app resonates globally. Now, easily welcome users, drive adoption, and make important announcements in your app, all within a user's native language.
🚀 Ready to dive in?
Chat with our team to add localization to your Appcues plan. Customers with localization already enabled for web flows can start localizing mobile flows immediately. For help getting started, check out our support doc.
Localization is available for iOS, Android, Flutter, Ionic, and Reactive Native frameworks.
We recommend Appcues Mobile customers update their apps to SDK Version 3.1.0 to use Localization.
If you haven't added Appcues Mobile to your account, try it today or chat with our product experts.