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September 2023 Updates

What's New
New & improved 🆕✨
  • Webhooks:
    Create connections between Appcues and your other tools⎯without extra steps or third-party apps— by enabling a stream of information to flow from Appcues for real-time updates on the actions you care about. You’ll also get a handy error report via email if your Webhooks fail. 🎉
  • Checklist option:
    Now, you can configure a checklist item to be marked as completed when clicked (within the checklist settings). Read last month’s notes for other recently added checklist options.
  • Events Explorer:
    Track more of what matters. Now you can add up to 10 (previously 4), Click-to-Track events to your Saved Charts.
  • Mobile Surveys:
    Within a mobile survey flow, you can now configure the rating survey type to start from 0, enabling you to create your own mobile NPS survey. 🥳
  • Mobile Embeds:
    Start from new templates when you build a mobile embed⎯your non-intrusive pattern for inline experiences. Learn more about Embeds for more details.
  • User List Dates:
    Date fields on the user list page are now displayed in a human-readable format instead of unix timestamps.
  • Journeys:
    Start a Journey from a page or event, then filter by segment to know exactly what specific audiences are seeing. If your Journey gets cluttered, simply click the broom icon and let Journeys clean things up. Plus, a brand new way to get around with Navigator. Just click on the node you added to the canvas to go directly to it.
Coming soon 🚧👀
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • SDK:
    Fixed a bug where the SDK was not finding the right scrollable element in pages with complex web component structures.
  • Builder:
    Fixed a bug where the floating menu options (to switch between builder types) were not closing when the menu started being dragged.
  • Builder:
    Fixed a bug where most of the select elements were not closing when clicking outside of it.
  • Checklist:
    Fixed a bug where the checklist’s dismiss link was not performing any action.