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August 2023 Updates

What's New
New & improved 🆕✨
  • Mobile Embeds:
    Freshly shipped! 🚀 Embeds are the most versatile pattern type for infusing inline experiences into mobile apps. Embeds allow content to be injected directly alongside app elements for personalized user content, calls-to-action, and other non-intrusive experiences. Read for more details.
  • HIPAA support:
    We now can offer HIPAA compliance support for interested customers. Chat with our team if you need to sign a Business Associate Agreement in order to send PHI data to Appcues.
  • Checklist options:
    Have more control over your checklist experiences with a set of new options to explore. You can now choose when a Checklist opens (open once, closed, or open), whether or not a Checklist item opens in a new tab, and set a checklist as non-dismissable. 🎉
  • Reset Flow history from User Profile:
    Reset Flow history
    directly from the User Profile Page – especially convenient for resetting the history of brand-new users.
  • Add group profiles via the Public API:
    We've enhanced our API by adding two powerful options - Send Group Profiles and Associate Users to Groups. You can import group profiles in bulk or send a single group profile at a time. Additionally, our
    Postman Collection
    has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Zapier group action:
    The Appcues <> Zapier Integration supports a new action:
    Update Group Profile,
    which lets you update a group’s profile in Appcues based on a trigger from a source app. This data is extremely useful for targeting experiences based on the properties of the account your end-users belong to.
  • Banner Analytics:
    Measure the impact of your Banners with analytics. Read for more details.
  • Journeys (Beta):
    Journeys are packed with new enhancements. You can add notes, multiple flows to a canvas, pins, banners, checklists, and more. Read more for full details.
  • Accessibility improvements for NPS:
    Survey options have been updated to semantic HTML, which natively gives us keyboard navigation and better screen reader accessibility.
  • Accessibility improvements for buttons and links:
    We've made several improvements to enhance accessibility for buttons and links:
  1. When adding a button to a flow/pin, if this button is set to redirect to a URL, the rendered element should be a link tag 
    . Otherwise, it should be a 
  2. Close buttons are now 
     elements instead of 
  3. NPS buttons were being rendered as links, now it’s fixed.