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February 2024 Updates

What's New
New & improved 🆕✨
  • Cookies:
    As of version
    , the last use of cookies by the Appcues SDK has been deprecated. 🍪🎉
  • Create a Segment from a CSV file:
    Quickly generate segments when you upload a CSV of User IDs. Simple, yet powerful. 🪄
CSV-Upload10 (1)
  • Flow Analytics:
    Now, filter individual flow analytics by a Segment to dig deeper into how flows are performing for key groups.
  • Pin Impressions:
    See how many users are eligible to see a pin alongside the total number of clicks for more insight into where users need help.
  • Segments:
    Double-checking your targeting criteria before publishing is now easier. Any segment included in targeting conditions now links directly to the segment itself, making it simple to ensure it's the right one.
Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 08
  • Journey Analytics:
    Streamlined analytics now in Journeys! Quickly see key metrics (like users seen, impressions, issues, and more) for flows, checklists, pins, and banners right on a Journeys canvas, making it easier to build and view complete journeys in one place. 😍
  • Localization for Mobile Flows:
    RTL languages are now supported for native mobile app localization. When building, toggle back and forth on the top menu to switch from LTR to RTL.
  • Mobile Actions:
    Enhance your native mobile app with Actions. Now, place an action on an image, GIF, header, emoji, or anything else built with Appcues and guide users to another flow, advance a step, navigate to a page, update a user property, and more. 📱
  • Debugger:
    Group identified and its properties are now displayed in the debugger.
Coming soon 🚧👀
  • Accounts:
    Soon, see a full list of accounts, track their adoption over time, and target them more easily.
  • Mobile Flows in Journeys:
    Include mobile flows on a Journey canvas for a complete view of in-app experiences within your native mobile app or multi-channel product.
  • Survey Responses in Studio:
    Soon, survey responses will show up right where you want them⎯inside Appcues (without the export). Email Lindsey to join the beta group. 🚀
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Pins:
     We fixed a bug where users were unable to switch between pins built on different URLs.
  • Users List:
    We fixed an issue where Users IDs were being identified as unix timestamp and being rendered as dates in the Users List.