The Studio 💫
  • Several domains registered? Good news! We've made speed improvements to page load times. ⏩
  • Now, when you click on “What’s new” in the Studio Help menu, you'll be able to read and open release note updates in-app. How meta!
Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 2
The Builder 🔧
  • Our newest pattern–Pins is working to anticipate your needs. When adding Pins, the Builder will now remember your last used embedding option. Whether that be inline or overlayed, this update will help streamline the placement of multiple Pins, and not force you to constantly go back and change the embedding option for each Pin. Yay!📍
Mobile 📱
  • Appcues Mobile now supports the Ionic framework! 🎉
  • We've moved the Options Menu inside the Appcues Mobile Builder. Formerly located at the top of the screen, you can now find it in the bottom left corner of the Builder (the three dots next to the Appcues icon). The options menu includes a link to Studio, switch accounts, and sign out.
  • New content option on the block! Perfect for release notes and other listicles, the new content block option "List item with image" in Appcues Mobile lets you place images alongside text with ease.
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • NPS:
    Fixed an explainer tooltip on the NPS analytics page where the content was hidden.
  • Overview:
    Mobile Flows are now counted in the “Live Flows” card on the overview page.
  • Pins:
    Pins were incorrectly included in the list on the Flow Priorities page, but that's been fixed.
  • Flows:
    When reverting changes on the Flow settings page, some reverted changes were not appearing on the page until you refreshed the page.
  • Other:
    Fixed some parsing issues when pasting a large list of values into a condition with an 'is one of' operator. Lists using both spaces and commas as delimiters should now get processed correctly.
  • Pins:
    Adding a hyperlink will now keep a highlight around the selected text while the link is being input.
  • Pins:
    When you “cut” text to reuse elsewhere, the Builder will no longer crash.
  • Flows:
    A required survey can no longer be bypassed by using the Enter key.
  • Flows:
    Fullscreen Wistia videos will no longer make the screen go black.
  • Flows:
    Fixed an issue where Go To Custom Step within Tooltip Groups was not working.
  • Flows:
    Modals & Slideouts are no longer being cut off by smaller screen sizes.
  • Click To Track:
    Fixed an issue where certain clicks on particular elements on specific sites were not registering as a “click”.
  • NPS:
    Scrollbars will no longer appear on surveys where the first question is longer than 2 lines.
  • Flows:
    When selecting “image” as the modal background, the default image was reset. This has been fixed so the image or color will persist until a new selection is made.
  • Builder:
    Fixed an issue where some page changes were not being tracked in the mobile Builder Appcues install.