The Studio 💫
  • Mobile Flow and Pin events now appear in the
    tab on the User profile page.
  • Plus, Mobile Flows and Pins now appear in the
    tab on the User profile page.
  • Handy image previews of your Mobile Flows will now show on the Flows list page, the Mobile Flow analytics page, and when publishing a Flow.
  • We've added a Back button on the User profile page to make it easier to get back to the All users list. Don't you love little quality-of-life improvements? We do!
  • A new (more powerful!) version of our Appcues <> Zapier integration is available (ICYMI see what's new) ⚡
The Builder 🔧
  • No updates to the Builder in October–keep on scrolling.
Mobile 📱
To say that our Mobile Team has been busy is an understatement–so many awesome updates to share! 🤩 Building beautiful mobile experiences is easier than ever:
  • You now have the option to add new elements side-by-side and the option to clone elements side-by-side or below (when there's only 1 item in a row).
  • You can also Drag and Drop elements for easier placement–here are four quick examples:
  1. Move an element inside the same row when it has more items
  2. Move an element from one row to another
  3. Move an entire row with multiple items inside
  4. Move an element from a row to a completely new row
  • Now, when you're editing composable elements like an 'Image with Text' block, you'll see a contextual highlight, so you know which section you are working on.
  • To make editing clearer and more accessible, you'll also see a blue color (formerly green) when selecting, hovering, and creating elements.
  • Working on an experience with a lot of copy or visuals? Now, if your content is bigger than the Modal area, scroll bars will display properly so you can keep editing.
  • We've also added landscape/portrait mode! Toggle between both to see how your modals will look in portrait and landscape.
  • Plus, light/dark mode! 🌓 Create completely different colors for light and dark modes that automatically show to your users based on their specific theme preference. 🪄
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Flows:
    Fixed a problem where searching for archived Flows with tags could sometimes break the page.
  • Analytics:
    Fixed a problem that was causing some users to experience an error when exporting Flow analytics.
  • Settings:
    The date picker would sometimes get hidden behind other parts of the page on the Pin settings and Mobile Flow settings pages–that has been updated.
  • Settings:
    The “Updated at” value on the Flow settings page could sometimes bleed out of its container, but that has been fixed.
  • Pins:
    Fixed a problem where cutting/pasting text in the Pins builder could sometimes create an error.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue where the default theme font on Button Pins was not being applied.
  • Pins:
    Applying class selectors for Pins could sometimes cause an error, but that has been fixed.
  • Pins:
    Deleting Icon with Tooltip Pins could sometimes cause the builder to fail–that's resolved now.
  • Hotspots:
    Fixed an issue where sometimes the “next step” action on Hotspots failed.
  • SDK:
    Fixed image alignments and behavior to better represent what's shown on the SDK.
  • SDK:
    Fixed styles on Image w/ Text to better represent what's shown on the SDK.
  • Builder:
    Fixed the actions toolbar so that clone/delete buttons do not overlap the Content Menu when open.