Updates in June 2022
The Studio 💫
  • Flow Variation Testing:
    You can quickly test multiple versions of your Flows and optimize your conversion metrics with A/B variation testing. Pretty exciting stuff! Read our doc for more information on setting up and managing these tests.
  • Localization:
    Property names used for your locales are now viewable on your localization settings page, giving you more clarity and confidence in your account’s multi-language setup.
The Builder 🔧
  • Buttons:
    Coming soon! Soon, you’ll have the ability to drop Button Pins that can act as direct launchers for Flows and URL Links.
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • User Profiles:
    Property values consisting of dates are now consistently in a friendly, readable format.
  • Accessibility:
    Resolved an issue where Safari users were having trouble logging into Appcues Studio.
  • Themes:
    In some cases, updates to themes were not being applied to published Flows. We fixed that right up because that’s like getting a brand new outfit but not wearing it out!
The Builder
  • Accessibility:
    Corrected an issue where Screen readers in Safari were misreading Next actions.
  • Flows:
    Improved our ARIA labels for Progress Bars within Flows.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue that prevented Icon w/ Tooltip Pins from appearing/disappearing correctly within dynamic page elements which could have created issues while both building Pins and showing Pins to end users.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an Icon w/ Tooltip Pins issue where clicking an Icon would also activate the element it was attached to (ie. clicking an Icon anchored to a button, would also activate a button click).
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue when editing Icon w/ Tooltip Pin content blocks that prevented toggle settings from behaving correctly.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue with Icon w/ Tooltip Pins that prevented Icons from getting Theme updates if an update to the Theme was made.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an Icon w/ Tooltip Pins issue that prevented images from being uploaded.