⭐️ What are Goals?
Goals help you measure important behaviors in your product (and how in-app experiences are impacting those behaviors).
With Goals, identify the key action or behavior you're trying to drive and measure how many people achieve it. Set goals for:
  • Key activation moments
  • New and existing features
  • Upgrade or upsell moments
✨ What’s new?
Goals now appear in Events Explorer, unlocking your ability to:
  • View the complete list of all users who achieved a goal (not just the most recent 10)
  • See how a Goal has performed over time
  • Compare different Goals to see which are performing the best
  • Filter Goal completions by Segment to see trends within your core audiences
  • Filter by date to see the number of times and unique users that have achieved a Goal within a specific time range
Goals in Events Explorer
🚀 Ready to dive in?
Goals and Events Explorer are both available for all customers on all plans ⎯log in and view your Goals or the Events Explorer. Never created a Goal? Read more or watch our quick video in the support doc.