November 2023 Updates

New & improved 🆕✨
  • Mobile Builder:
    Use the new undo/redo buttons (or keyboard shortcuts) to make lightning-fast changes while building mobile flows. Revert styles, revive deleted steps, and more! 🪄
  • Preview Mobile Flows:
    Quickly test a flow (except for anchored tooltips and embeds) on your mobile device without installing the Appcues SDK. How? When building, click "Preview,” scan the QR code, and use the third option on the screen to open the flow in our Mobile Showcase App for a quick preview of the experience you’ve created.
  • Saved Charts:
    We’ve renamed
    Saved Charts
    . Never built a chart before? It’s a great way to monitor engagement with Appcues flows, checklists, or any other tracked event in your product. See how in our support doc.
Coming soon 🚧👀
  • Localization for Mobile Flows:
    Soon, it will be easy to translate your in-app experiences into another language to onboard, educate, and support your users in their native language. 🥂💬 Join the beta.
  • Upload a Segment:
    Need to build an Appcues segment in record time? Soon, you’ll be able to upload a .csv list and be on your way. Join the beta.
  • Account Profiles:
    Get ready to lay your eyes on crucial company-level data and metrics from various sources inside Appcues for a seriously comprehensive view of account engagement. Join the beta.
  • Salesforce & HubSpot Integrations:
    Soon, sync account-level profiles from Salesforce or HubSpot into Appcues for targeting and reporting. Join the beta.
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Fixed a bug where the backdrop between group steps did not cover all elements of the page.