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What's New
New & improved 🆕✨
  • Journeys (Beta):
    Journeys is here! Journeys gives you a helpful new way to improve the visibility of your Appcues experiences! Read more for details on how you can use Journeys or our support doc for help getting started.
  • Banners:
    More exciting news–banners have also landed! 🎉 This new pattern is a highly visible yet subtle way to quickly communicate important information and announcements to your users at scale. Read more for details on how to use banners or our support doc for help getting started.
  • Analytics:
    For both Mobile Flows and Pins, you can now filter analytics by segment to better understand engagement across specific audiences.
  • Segments:
    We’ve made improvements to the load time for Segment Filters in Events Explorer and NPS Analytics, resulting in an over 70% increase in the speed of filtering by segment. ⏩
In the works 🚧
  • [Beta] Webhooks:
    Connect Appcues to even more tools with webhooks! Easily send real-time messages to your other tools when something happens with Appcues experiences. ⚙️💥 Check out the help doc and email Lyla to get access.
  • [Beta] Consolidated Flow Performance:
    Our new Performance Metrics page consolidates all the essential flow metrics you care about into a single location, providing a more holistic view of flow performance. 📊 Email Lyla to get access.
  • [Beta] Control experiments:
    Better measure impact on your flow’s key conversion goal by automatically excluding a control group from seeing your flow. 🧪🥂 Check out the help doc and email Lyla to get access.
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Safari:
    We fixed a bug causing styling issues with the navigation items in Studio for users on Safari.